AB in Austin for SXSW 2019

If you live in Central Texas, then you know what happens here during mid March.   It is the time when SXSW, the biggest media conference in the world swallows Austin, Texas and its surrounding cities. This year we teamed up with Tiburon Transmedia to put on two amazing private parties in partnership with the Italian record label WWNBB Collective and Italia Music Export, an Italian government agency that oversees the internationalization of musicians from the beautiful country of Italy.    For us it was a time to show off our beer, food and upcoming can/crowler designs to the rest of the world that came to Austin during those days.

Our first event took place at the super swanky rooftop of the Catherine.   There we had a very interesting line up composed of up and coming bands Husky Loops, Be Forest, Rev Rev Rev, Her Skin, Giungla, Birthh and Damien Mcfly.   Attendees were treated to a very nice and simple menu of AB sliders (both AB Classic Burger and our new Wonder World Dragon Impossible burger) as well as Arugula salad and twice glazed Chicken Wings.   We also had three of our celebrated beer brands that are about to come out to the market in the form of cans:  AB Skyscraper, Swine Dive and the popular San Marcos Blonde.

The bands were all fantastic and people had an amazing time.   One interesting fact about this "Italian showcase" is that all of the bands sang in English.   If you are interested in knowing more about why that was the case, we recommend you watching the short documentary at the bottom of this article created by Tiburon Transmedia for their ITAL projec. The video explains what's happening with the music scene in Italy and what's pushing all these artists to change their language in order to find deeper international recognition.

Our second event took place on top of a boat on Lady Bird lake.   This initiative is the brain child of Samuele Palazzi, who founded the WWNBB collective record label.  The idea is simple, navigate beautiful Austin's "Town Lake," while listening to music and enjoying some pizza and some awesome AquaBrew beer. Needless to say that it was an astounding success.  People had an incredible time and we were able to enjoy a repeat of most of the bands that took part in the "rooftop/skylounge party" with the addition of two more, YOY and Baseball Gregg



We particularly really liked YOY, a group of extremely talented folks that blew everyone away.   We also had a great time talking to their members, who took some of the available AB swag with them and gave us the biggest smile a few days later when they sent us a picture from Italy wearing our AB shirts!   Make sure to check out YOY's new album out now! They are really an amazing group of folks.

Finally, we closed our Italian-SXSW escapade by bringing "Her Skin" to our AquaBrew headquarters, a singer songwriter from Modena, Italy.  

Sara (Aka "Her Skin") performed a short but beautiful set at our facilities, capturing the hearts of everyone present who had the luck of seeing this up and coming Italian indie music superstar.  We recommend you watching the video below for her song "pricklypear."   That night was also complimented by a special performance by San Marco's own Marcus Morales, who brought down the house with his incredible voice, swagger and guitar playing skills.    Make sure to check out Marcus' new EP available now.

In overall, we had an amazing time this SXSW, enjoying the fact that the entire world comes to Austin during those two weeks.  We also got incredible compliments for our beer, food and service which gave us an extra incentive to keep on pushing as hard as we can to continue bringing a smile to as many people as we can in our beautiful Central Texas.    Needless to say that our can designs and beers were a HIT!  People from Brooklyn were telling us about how innovative our artwork and style was.   People who had lived in San Marcos or had ties with the cities had their minds blown!  We had someone tell us "these cans are ssoooooooo San Marcos, I love them!!!"

"these cans are ssoooooooo San Marcos, I love them!!!"

which is the kind of comment we love to hear.   Make sure to take advantage of our upcoming first AB Beer Can Pre-Sale, happening from March 28th to April 20th.  More information about it here!

SXSW and the Evolution of Italian Music

"Pricklypear" by Her Skin




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