Kicking it with KTSW's Levin Ramirez

KTSW 89.9FM is a true gem in San Marcos, Texas. For many years, this student run radio station has been filling up the Central Texan airwaves with amazing indie music, introducing us to talented artists we may never be able to hear in typical commercial radio. When we say "student run" that's exactly what we mean, KTSW is entirely ran by students of Texas State University. Every semester, students apply to different positions within the station, which range from being an on-air personality, to working in the technical side, to being a part of the many different outreach activities that the station is constantly developing.

Earlier this year we were approached by Levin Ramirez, this semester's Promotions Director for KTSW, about the idea of hosting a music/community event every 3rd Thursday. We thought it was a great idea and really liked it fell on a Thursday, given that those are our AB club days where we have our growlers at half off, and we offer 15% off the bill to everyone who is subscribed to our newsletter. The events have been great so far; Levin and the KTSW group have been able to book amazing bands, bring a nice crowd of folks and keep a really laid-back and awesome atmosphere that fits very well what with AquaBrew is all about.

This Thursday April 18th will be the 3rd time we host this event in AquaBrew, and we are ecstatic about the line up that the folks from KTSW have put together. We invite all of you to come out, especially since its the closing of our AB Birthday Month, where we're offering crowlers and our new gorgeous AB cans at a very special price. We also invite you to enjoy the following conversation we had with KTSW's Levin Ramirez, a young & brilliant concert promoter with whom we are very happy to be collaborating.

AQUABREW: So, Levin... Who really are you and what do you do for KTSW?

LEVIN: No one special really. I'm a senior in college doing what I love, working as the Promotions Director for KTSW. Promoting the station and our partnerships to the best of my abilities.

AQUABREW: So, for all of those people who are new to this area, what's KTSW, what makes you guys so special?

LEVIN: KTSW is the all-student run college radio station of Texas State University. With 15 distinctly different departments, we are 150-200 large and strive to create the best content we can. We are nationally recognized as a top college radio station in the country, and routinely awarded for the content we submit to CBI (college broadcasters inc.) / CMA (College Media Association) /SCBS (South Central Broadcast Society) / TIPA (Texas Intercollegiate Press Association). This year we took home 21 awards.

AQUABREW: How did this idea of 3rd Thursdays come about?    Where is it heading?

LEVIN: Third Thursday is KTSW's marquee monthly event, and has been around since before my time. It's one of a few event I've inherited as the current promotions director with freedom to do with the event as I please. Our goal is to showcase the local and regional talent of central Texas while bringing a fun and engaging experience to our audiences. With the help of Aquabrew, we intend on showcasing an experience like no other, this is just the beginning. 

left to right: Levin Ramirez, Eric Guerrero, Taylor Jacko, Neil Manning, Brandon Alvarado

AQUABREW: How do you choose the bands that play on the 3rd Thursday event?   How do bands get played at KTSW?

LEVIN: I have an assistant who's in charge of booking the talent for our Off-Campus events, this includes Third Thursday as well as some of the other events we host around town. We look for both established and up-and-coming artist we believe would bring the most pull to our events. Along with some of the artist we play on-air and in-studio. Bands can submit music to our music department via , it will then go through the system, whatever our staff chooses to be on brand will then be put into rotation and broadcasted on-air.

AQUABREW: How can people be involved with KTSW?  Is there a way people can donate to your cause?   

LEVIN: We hire for volunteer positions every semester. The only criteria is you must be a currently enrolled student at Texas State, and have a minimum GPA of 2.00. We do not take donation, just tip the bands!

AQUABREW: What do you have to say about AquaBrew?    Any words about why you like collaborating with us?

LEVIN: KTSW is very lucky to call Aquabrew the new home for our Third Thursday event! The management and staff are amazing at accommodating KTSW and the artist who play the event while also providing an unparalleled atmosphere for our audience to enjoy.

AQUABREW: Ok, had to ask... but only answer if you're over 21... What's your favorite AB Beer? 

LEVIN: It would have to be the Ape-Pricot Wheat. Perfect for summer!

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