Kitchen Manager wanted - Be Part of an exciting Team!

As you may have noticed, there are a good number of very exciting developments happening at AquaBrew this year. We are getting ready to release our beer cans and expand our distribution to cover basically the entire Lone Star State by the end of 2019.

That said, We are currently hiring diverse positions for front and back of the house. If you are a Kitchen Manager, come join us!

Reports to:

General Manager


Rockstar KM, directly responsible for all kitchen functions including purchase of food, preparation and maintenance of quality standards; cleaning and sanitation; Training of personnel in the methods of cooking, preparation, presentation of the plates, rationing and control of expenses, health and cleanliness.


Lead the Kitchen: Ensure that all food and products are consistently prepared and served in accordance with the restaurant's recipes, rationing, cooking and standard service. Know the restaurant policies concerning personnel and take corrective actions for any violation of the policies, rules and norms of the company.

Oversee BOH Staffing: Work with GM to Make hiring and dismissal of personnel decisions including interviewing, hiring, evaluating and disciplining the kitchen personnel in an appropriate manner.

Provide constant Training: Provide guidance on the rules and policies of the company and the department and oversee all training of new and existing kitchen staff.

Stay on top of things: Prepare all required paperwork, including forms, reports and calendars in an organized and up-to-date basis. Leverage technology solutions in place to streamline workload as much as possible.

Order Supplies: Ensure that all products are ordered in accordance to product's default specifications and received in the correct form and quantity and that the deliveries follow Restaurant policies and procedures.

Anticipate and plan: Coordinate tasks as required by anticipated business activity, ensuring that all posts are staffed as necessary, keeping cost objectives fulfilled.

Keep costs low: Control the cost of food and its use following the due request of the products from the storage area, the product storage procedures, standard recipes and waste control procedures.

Ensure cleanliness & proper storage: Ensure that all the equipment is kept clean and in excellent operating conditions through the personal inspection and according to the preventive maintenance programs of the restaurant. Check and maintain proper food storage and cooling temperature control points.

Be a Team Player: Work with restaurant managers to plan and set prices for menu items; come up with new menu items; Set portion sizes and prepare standard recipes tabs for all menu items.


A minimum of 5 years experience in various kitchen stalls including food preparation, line cook, frying cook and shipper.

At least 2 years of experience in a similar position.

Must be able to communicate clearly with the managers, kitchen staff and restaurant and with the diners.

Be able to stretch, lean, crouch and frequently lift up to 50 lbs.

Be able to work standing for long periods of time (up to 9 hours).





Ph: 512-353-2739 (BREW)

150 South LBJ Dr.

San Marcos, TX 78666