Politicking with a San Martian

Story by AB's own Lexi Moore / photos by Walton Grey

This piece explores the life of a fascinating San Marcos local and his political career, so crack open a cold can of Ape-Pricot Wheat beer and enjoy the story. If you already love politics, this should be entirely your jam; otherwise, rest assure any activity can be improved when in the company of a good AB beer… yes, even if that activity is reading about politics!

For Corey Ticknor, a suit and tie is nothing new, neither is Austin traffic or Texas law. Corey is the legislative director for Representative Ryan Guillen and I had the opportunity to chat about his life in San Marcos, as well as his experience in the Capitol.

After graduating from Texas State University in 2015 with a double major in history and political science, Cory made the move to Austin and started interning for his current boss, Ryan Guillen. After the internship was over, Cory was offered a job, but he was torn about the idea of going back to school. Luckily for him, he received advice from fellow students that helped him realize that he already had the type of job that he wanted to get, it was now time to go for it. Corey became then the communications directors for Representative Guillen’s team for session in 2017.

Corey said “It was rewarding but it's a lot of work, I hated living in Austin it was a lot of pressure besides just working at the capitol for your first job.”

"It was rewarding but it's a lot of work, I hated living in Austin it was a lot of pressure besides just working at the capitol for your first job.”

For the current session Corey is the legislative director and literally has a say in drafting some of the laws that govern us Texans today. Not only does Corey have an amazing position at the capitol, he can be proud to say his representative has passed the most bills in the house totaling to 46 bills; the most that's been passed since 2001.

Corey's favorite bill to work on was "the sand-mining bill"; he explained he had no idea what it was when he started, and I doubt there are many others who know that much about it either. It has to do with how new mining processes taking place in Texas, such as fracking and other methods of production, are causing the depletion of land due to the mining of sand.

“A lot of the bad actors will mine the 30 acres and once they're done they'll move onto another 30 acres and leave that other 30 acres as barren, it's pretty gross. A lot of locals happen to hate it, it happens to be in my district so I have a bunch of phone calls” said Corey.

It was Corey’s job as legislative director to work out some magic to please both the oil and gas companies as well as the people dealing with the dreadful mining side effects happening in their backyard. A former USDA employee discovered a way to bring back vegetation to the wastelands caused by sand mining and turn it into more of an oasis in about 2 years. The oil and gas companies were reluctant about being told what to do so they went along with the solution for an agriculture tax exemption. With Corey’s excellent communication and problem solving skills the bill was a success, “It's all about not making any enemies and just finding compromise, its something I've always been good at.”

Originally from Arlington, TX he has now found his home in San Marcos where he enjoys the wildlife, the river and of course Aqua Brew beer! “I went hiking the other day at Purgatory Creek and saw a little porcupine. It’s neat, you'd never see that in Austin, not anymore and there's deer everywhere, I like that a lot too.”

For all you future politicians, San Martians and anyone needing a push towards the future, Corey says “I like Richard Branson’s quote which is if you ever get an opportunity that you didn't think you could handle, take it and figure it out later. It makes a lot of sense, I think a lot of people are scared to fail so they won't take opportunities, and I learned in my life that it's best to try it.”




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