Professional Soccer is closer than it seems

by Lexi Moore

To finish off the month of May, I went to my first Austin Bold FC soccer game. The pro-team based in Austin plays at the Circuit of Americas and let me tell you, it was a good time!

Austin played against San Antonio in the third round of the open cup game and won 4-2.

The game was about a 30 minute drive from San Marcos, and the $15 tickets gave me some pretty good seats. The arena was a decent size but personable, everything was close up and didn't involve any shoving for a good view. The fans were awesome, no obnoxious people fighting the referee and probably the nicest staff at COTA. The game moved swiftly and had a typically higher score than other soccer games which added excitement. Plus there were $2 beers, it wasn’t AquaBrew (yet) but still a good deal.

Jermaine Taylor #4 - Defender

To simply break it down, Austin Bold FC is part of the United Soccer League, which is a level below Major League Soccer. Austin Bold started this year in March, while the MLS will debut their new Austin FC team in 2021. There is a lot coming up in the world of soccer for Central Texans; it’s time for us to do our part and become active members of their fan base and provide the support that these new local teams need.

Sonny Guadarrama, an Austin-born player on the Bold team, is worth keeping an eye out for. The midfielder scored once and had two assists in the recent game against San Antonio. Another Austin native, Roberto Avila, has a bright future in front of him. At only 18 years old he has gained a name for himself. Austin Bold FC takes pride in its ability to help young local athletes rise up to major ranks and grow within the team.

San Antonio FC kicking the ball

If you think that sports aren’t your thing and you’re the type of person that falls asleep during football games, then the Austin Bold team may be worth checking out as it provides a completely different experience. A lot of fun is in store for locals that decide to support a professional soccer team that plays so close to SMTX. Although Austin Bold FC and Austin FC will not be in the same league, I still think that there will be some exciting rivalry going on with the two teams and their fans that you won't want to miss out on. I can truly see myself keeping up with this team and continuing to attend their games. To you San Martians- be Bold and support the team.





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