River time in San Marcos

by Lexi Moore

As July is approaching, so is the heat. The San Marcos river is a hot spot to cool down and have fun. It’s typical for a San Marcos local to be acquainted with the river, there are a lot of available spots for lounging and hiking, but there are also hidden gems that aren't on every tour guide. AquaBrew is the San Marcos River headquarters and what would that be without a guide to send you on your next adventure!

John Stokes Park

If you've seen our AquaBrew promo video playing in the restaurant, you’ve probably seen a badass waterfall in what seems like a secluded place. The mesmerizing waterfall is at the John Stokes park located at 600 Cape St, San Marcos, next to The Woods apartment complex and conveniently next to Canoe SMTX for all canoeing needs.

This is a good spot for your furry friends, there's a lot of easy entry points and shaded areas away from the road for safety. There is also a good amount of hiking and empty spaces to enjoy.

Rio Vista

This is a two-sided, river wonderland, perfect for all ages and pets. One side has a waterfall with a powerful shoot perfect for floating or swimming down. This side is also more populated, so if you wanted some time to yourself, the side across the street might be better. Be careful though, there's a powerful current bringing you down and might be easy to get lost underwater. There are some pretty strict rules when it comes to protecting the river like no drinking, smoking, littering, and a few more, so be sure to look them over when planning your day.

Across the road is a more quiet hiking area with limited entry areas to the river if you're looking for a more personal experience with you or a group of friends. Ivars pub is also right in front of this park area, which is a good spot for some food and drinks.

Sewell Park

This is probably the most recognized name, as far as spots go, in the San Marcos River. This park is for Texas State University students, staff and faculty. Parking is limited to the university's parking stickers and pets aren't allowed.

Sewell is an excellent hangout for socializing and laying out, there's also sand volleyball and basketball courts perfect for a day in the sun.

This river stays at a chilling 72 degrees, good enough to cool you down in this Texas heat and the water is completely clear, although you may run into some Texas wild rice. There's a lot of history and interesting geological facts about this river, did you know it was over 12,000 years old?

The river is a beautiful and free way to enjoy the outdoors, and this summer it’s calling your name. Grab a 6-pack from AquaBrew, head down to the river and make a day out of absorbing some vitamin-D. Don't forget to clean up any trash and respect the river.

Have fun!




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