Smiling thanks to Lexi!

Ok, here's the thing, it's kind of really hard not to smile when you meet Lexi. There's something about her personality - and maybe the fact she's usually smiling as well - that organically pushes your face to lift up the corners of your mouth!

Lexi -aka Lexi Moore- is part of our rocking AB waitstaff & bar-tending team. She is also a PR major at Texas State University with a huge passion for storytelling; reason why we were thrilled when she decided to become an AB Newsletter Reporter. That's correct, now you can follow Lexi's thoughts and reflections by simply joining our AB club and receiving our newsletter, which also works as a 15% off coupon every Thursday. You're welcome!

We decided to sit down with Lexi over a glass of American Stock Ale and get to know more about who she really is. We knew that she was a trained actress, which probably explains why she always seems to be such at ease when interacting with others, but there were other things that we really had no idea about. Check out our interview below and make sure to say hi to Lexi next time you come to Aquabrew; she's usually there every Thursday night, ready to give you that discount for being an awesome AB Club member! ; )

Aquabrew: So, Lexie, we're super excited about you being an AB Newsletter reporter.  What type of awesome stories can AB club members expect from you?

Lexi: I want to write in a way that is interesting to all AB club members and readers in general. This is a good way to bring the people of San Marcos together by helping them learn more about local characters and interesting events around town. I plan to show readers things that may have not been so apparent to them before; written stories can still be a great source of information.

Aquabrew: We believe there are are millions of amazing stories waiting to be uncovered in and around Central Texas.  Do you agree with that statement?   What do you think that makes this area so special and exciting to discover?

Lexi: There are endless sources of interesting stories in Central Texas! The people around this area are so diverse and that's what I love about it. There are many reasons that people are drawn in to an area like this: there's a beautiful river, an amazing university, two big cities next door, night life, amazing food and just the personality of the area altogether.

Aquabrew: So, we know you go to TX State to study PR.  What do you like the most about studying your major in San Marcos? What benefits you think that you would have missed had you study somewhere else?

Lexi: I love learning how to make things. Every time I finish a project, such as a website or even a terrible image using Illustrator, it gives me a sense of accomplishment and shows me how much more I have to learn. I'm excited for the future and to be able to show what I can really do. I didn't even want to go to college when I moved to Austin from Tyler, TX, yet I knew wanted to work in PR. I was naive and kind of expected it to be easy to find a job, which wasn't the case at all. After a year working to help me raise funds for college I chose Texas State because two of my best friends were going there and it seemed convenient. I have grown to love San Marcos and Texas State very much. If I studied anywhere else I would probably be in a lot more debt and missed out on all the friends and opportunities I have here. 

Aquabrew: You seem a very creative person..... besides studying PR,  what are your other passions?    What do you want to do when you grow old-er? ; )

Lexi: I would love to work with ethical/sustainable fashion brands since fashion merchandising is my minor. I have recently gotten into wanting to save the world, not by myself but with everyone's help. I believe what I write can make a difference and spread the word on how important sustainability is for preserving the earth. 

Aquabrew: Can you tell us something about you that most people don't know.  Any superpowers we should be aware of?

Lexi: I like being alone but I love meeting new people and being able to communicate to different types of folks. I always say I'm a jack of all trades and master of none, not in a bad way, I'm just always moving on to something new but I have yet to found that one thing that I could call my specialty. I do LOVE hiking, but if you know me, you probably know that already about me.

Aquabrew: We know AB clients love your fresh smile and personality, is customer service something that comes to you naturally,  or do you have tons of experience in the field prior to coming to AB?

Lexi: I worked retail for almost 4 years and have worked in the service industry for about a year now. My work experience does help but I do feel my customer service comes naturally; I act like myself and try to make people feel as welcome as I can. 

Aquabrew: What do you like the most about working with AB, and what are some new changes happening at the brewery that you find exciting?

Lexi: I love working here because we're all like a family. It's great to work in an environment where you're comfortable with everyone, where you can have fun and still able to get the job done. We all rely on each other and that's a cool thing. Beer Distributing is what I'm most excited about, I can't wait for everyone to see our beers on the shelves and be recognized for the work that has gone into Aquabrew and its cans. We have the ability to get really big, this is the first step and I'm proud to be a part of it.

Aquabrew: So, a final question,  what's your favorite AB beer and dish, and why?

Lexi: I love the Impossible burger- I get it AB classic style, since I've stopped eating beef burgers have been a hard thing to ignore and since we've gotten the 100% veggie patty I dont feel like I'm missing out on anything. I love the Ape-ricot Wheat for its light and crisp Apricot taste. The American Stock Ale is close second because it reminds me of the taste of a dark beer and the high hops of an IPA. It's a strange beer, nothing like I've had before and I love creative, original stuff. 

AB note: Due to a national shortage of Impossible meat, we're out of the WonderWorld Dragon Impossible Burger that Lexi is talking about (blame Impossible, not us!). That said, we are serving an awesome Hempseed Veggie Burger in the mean time, come try it out and let us know if we should keep it in the menu once Impossible gets their stuff together!





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