Talking to Bentley from Dead Random

In celebration of our first Skyscraper IPA presents High Tech Honky Tonk, we are ecstatic to present to you a short interview with Bentley Pace, drummer of the Austin band Dead Random, which is headlining the event. Besides being the drummer of this unique and extremely talented musical outfit, Bentley and singer EH Moore have also spent decades working in the video-game industry. As a matter of fact, their connection to the gaming industry, along with their unusual sound, served as inspiration to us when coming up with the name of the event!

Scroll down and get to know more about the fantastic Dead Random, a Alt Country band that we're honored to be hosting at AquaBrew this Friday, June 28th (8:30pm).

AquaBrew: Your band has a very unique sound; perhaps a mixture of Merle Haggard with Tom Waits, am I getting that right?    It’s country, but it’s dark somehow, complex and melodic.   Anyways, how in the heck would you describe what you guys play?

Dead Random (Bentley): Alt Country "County music for folks that don't like country music."

AquaBrew: Ok, so what’s up with your singer/trumpet player Amber?  She’s like seriously a multi-instrumentalist bad ass.   How did you find her?  Better, yet, how did you all come together?

Dead Random (Bentley): EH and I got drunk on Friday nights and played music for years, we finally got good enough to ask Amber (who was dating one our friends) to hang out and play some piano. We decided real quick she was the most talented and made her our band director... the rest is history.

AquaBrew: It may be somewhat ironic that even though many folks in the band, such as EH Moor and Bentley Pace - work in the tech industry, your music is rather down-to-earth and very organic.   Were you all trying to escape from your tech-ridden lives when you conjured up the band’s sound and vibe?!

Dead Random (Bentley): We started the band not to avoid our mundane lives, we did it to get laid... and we're still waiting. Haha. County music is easy and technical to play, then we put our own twist on it.

AquaBrew: What kind of set can the audience expect at the next Skyscraper Presents High Tech Honky Tonk event?   Will it be mainly originals, or do you also play covers?

Dead Random (Bentley): Mainly originals and a handful of covers.

AquaBrew: Talking about your original songs, how is usually your writing process?

Dead Random (Bentley): Somebody will bring in an outline of a song, then bring it to the group. Then everyone adds to it until it's polished. EH will change lyrics to fit his style, Amber will arrange it to get the best sound, Jamey will ask a bunch of questions and Sarah will rock it out!

AquaBrew: How did you choose that name Dead Random?

Dead Random (Bentley): It was the name of my dog, Random. He had died a couple years prior. We were at the White Horse in Austin and trying to come up with names, we were thinking what would be "county sad", so i mentioned how Random died not to long ago... DeadRandom was born... again.

AquaBrew: What’s next for Dead Random, anything cool in the works?

Dead Random (Bentley): Recording in the near future, maybe. Upcoming shows - July 14th at Whislers in Austin, November 1st Waterhole Saloon in Garfield for The Roots Under the Texas Sky Festival.





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